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Have you ever wanted a Twitter army behind you and be able to promote your book without having to do all the work?

We deliver tweets to our network of 300K+ readers, amplifying your message and getting your book tons of extra exposure.

Unique Book Marketing Features

We ensure Book success with these 7 amazing features of book marketing.

URL Deep Linking

When a reader comes across a Bookster tweet and is checking tweets on desktop, it will open on the browser. Still, if the reader is checking tweets on mobile (What most people do), it opens in the amazon app due to our deep linking technology. (No other book marketing service does that).

Live Book Promo Report

You can check your book marketing in real time. We send you a unique link that tells you the live report of book marketing. It shows number of clicks, readers location, and all the related stats

Eye Catching Images

An expert graphic designer creates the images we tweet for your book promotion. Tweets with images get higher engagements than texts.

This is a direct response to the study from BufferApp that 74% of people read photos and videos. Only 16% read on texts, which has always been considered complementary to images.

Tweet with Image cards

In other book tweet services, you see the tweet with pictures; what happens is when anyone likes the photo and clicks it, the view expands, and readers have to go and click the link again to buy your book.


But at Bookster, we tweet with image cards. Readers click the image and land directly on the amazon page.

CTA Driven Tweets

Our promotional tweets are call to action-driven rather not just some random lines that the average person won’t care about. Every tweet will be different, not repeating the same tweets over and over again.

We want to get people interested in our book, so we use exciting phrases and then tweet it out with great images. The goal is to reach the people who will be excited about hearing your story.

Universal Links

One more great feature is the universal link.


When someone clicks it from the US, it will land the reader on US Amazon, and If the reader clicks the link from the UK, the book will open in UK Amazon, creating ease for the buyer to his preferred market.

Customer Success

What people say

“I needed a book promotion for my upcoming book and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I contacted Bookster and he was able to help me get a good price on his services. The process was simple and the service was professional.”


“Marketing and advertising is a very difficult field to be successful in, especially as a new author. Bookster has made the process easy, transparent and effective. If your work is good you will be noticed!”


“Bookster is the best! My novel came out a week ago, and Bookster helped me market it. The tweets were well-written and looked professional. I highly recommend using Bookster for your next promotion.”


“I wanted my book to be seen by as many people as possible, and Bookster helped me get the word out. I recommend him to any author who is seeking ways to expand their audience on Amazon.”


At a price you can try

Simple plans. Simple prices. Only pay for what you really need. All plans come with award-winning 24/7 customer support.

Bookster 30 Day

Normally $60


1 Month

300 Clicks Guaranteed
  • Universal book links 
  • 150 tweets for 30 days
  • Tweet with image cards
  • Deep linking promo URL's
  • 300 link clicks in 30 days
  • Live book promo reporting

Bookster 60 Day

Normally $120


2 Months

600 Clicks Guaranteed
  • Universal book links 
  • 300 tweets for 60 days
  • Tweet with image cards
  • Deep linking promo URL's
  • 600 link clicks in 60 days
  • Live book promo reporting

Bookster 90 Day

Normally $180


3 Months

900 Clicks Guaranteed
  • Universal book links 
  • 900 tweets for 90 days
  • Tweet with image cards
  • Deep linking promo URL's
  • 900 link clicks in 90 days
  • Live book promo reporting


We will refund 100% amount if we fail to get the promised clicks

We will promote your book on our twitter network, and we guarantee that if you don't reach the number of clicks we promise you, we'll refund 100% of what you paid us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many followers do you have ?

We have more than 300 thousand readers on our Bookster Twitter network; We tweet your book everyday for 360 days to them.

Can I use my website link instead of Amazon or any other bookstore?

Yes, you can use your website link in our promotion but the page should not host any lottery, raffle, giveaways or any attempt to build an email list or contest winner schemes. It should be a straight forward book sales page.

How many readers will visit my book's sales page ?

Book Impression offered is 12000 Minimum (30 Day)
Clicks offered 300 Minimum (30 Day)
These are guaranteed minimum numbers. We do not wish to make any false promises that we can not deliver later and open a dispute.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund your full money in following cases

  • We do not deliver tweets as promised
  • We tweet without images
  • If the link we share on twitter is broken
  • If the number of clicks is less than promised

How much book sale can I get ?

Book sale depends on readers interest, reviews, synopsis and cover etc. We guarantee to send readers on your book sales page, i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or your site.

What is included in live book promo report ?

Book Promo Report includes number of impressions, click, countries from where clicks are coming, devices from which clicks are coming, number of visitors on your sales page, etc.

Book Marketing With 100% Guarantee !

Book Impression offered is 12000 Minimum (30 Day) – Clicks offered 300 Minimum (30 Day)
These are guaranteed minimum numbers. 

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